October 4th - 6th
October 11th - 13th
October 18th - 20th
Fri – Sun 11 am - 7 pm

General Information


  • Parade of Homes Dates May 4-19th, 2024
  • 31 New Homes
  • CLOSED Mondays and Tuesdays, Open Wednesdays and Thursdays 5pm-8pm, Fridays-Sundays 12pm-8pm
  • Scattered home sites throughout Ada County, Idaho including Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Kuna and Star
  • Please have your parade ticket QR ready to be scanned at each door.
  • Each attendee ages 10 years and older must have a ticket. 
  • Bare feet are not allowed in any parade home.
  • Follow each builder’s guidelines for wearing shoes/booties/socks in each home.
  • Wear comfortable and easy to remove shoes.
  • It is preferred that you carry your shoes with you as the exit point is through the garage. Bring a bag or some builders may provide a bag for you.
  • If a builder requires you to remove your shoes, booties may be worn ONLY for medical purposes.
  • Brought to you by the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho, Presented by Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Bosch, Thermador & Gaggenau
  • For questions, call the BCASWI at (208) 377-3550 or send email to info@bcaswi.org


“Thank You for your attendance, for your patronage and following these guidelines!”

  • No bare feet allowed. Each builder will have their own shoe covering guidelines for you to follow. Booties only to be used for medical purposes.
  • The BCASWI has the right to limit visitors in the home, or close a home at any time
  • DO NOT TOUCH any surface area, furniture, walls, fixtures, etc.
  • Stay off grass in both front and back yards as grass is newly planted and most likely very wet. You will be responsible for any damage you cause by walking on grass.
  • Can’t attend the show? Visitors have the option to view all of the Parade homes on-line through their virtual tours by purchasing a ticket.
  • Be respectful of hosts and adhere to their requests.
  • Real Estate agents may not have free entry into any home.
  • No strollers or animals allowed inside the Parade homes except for registered service animals.
  • Children are urged not to attend.
  • Do not enter a home if you are feeling ill.
  • Refer to ticket and Parade magazine for additional terms and conditions. Visitors assume all risks and danger incidental to the event. 


Tickets are $15 each. No discounts are offered. Attendees ages ten and older are required to have a ticket. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE HOMES. Tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable. A magazine with the map included will be available at the homes (must show proof of purchased ticket). Ticket entitles visitor admittance to each of the homes once during the 10-day event. The ticket has an additional benefit allowing two repeat admittances to two of your favorite Parade homes. Visitors must purchase a new ticket if re-entry exceeds more than two homes. If you would like to revisit a specific home more than twice, please make an appointment with the home’s representative or agent. 


Hurry and reserve your lodging accommodations as early as possible. For lodging accommodations, see https://web.boisechamber.org/Hotels,-Motels-Other-Accommodations. Now is a great time to purchase a home in Ada County Idaho. Go to https://www.bcaswi.org/ to find qualified Builders and Realtors to meet your needs.


The ticket grants to you a license to enter Parade homes at the times set forth herein. You acknowledge and agree that under some circumstances, including but not limited to, incomplete construction of the home, safety issues, etc., entry to a home may be denied. You agree to be respectful of all personal property of each Parade Builder. Due to the unusual nature of the originality of each home you agree to comply with all specific, additional regulations and requirements imposed by the Builder or host when visiting any Parade home.

You voluntarily assume all risks and danger incidental to the Parade of Homes. You voluntarily agree that the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho and the Builders displaying the homes are expressly released by you from any and all claims, damages and liability of whatever kind or nature arising out of or in any way related to the use of this ticket and the Parade of Homes including, but not limited to, those occurring prior to, during, or after entry to a home, those arising out of injuries or death, those arising as a result of being denied access to a home in the Parade, and those arising while traveling to or from a home. BY ATTENDING THE PARADE OF HOMES, YOU ARE DEEMED TO HAVE GIVEN A FULL RELEASE OF LIABILITY TO THE BUILDING CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHWESTERN IDAHO AND EACH PARADE BUILDER TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW.

Brought to you by the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho

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